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Dairy in Restaurants

More Dairy, More Customers

When eating outside the home, consumers crave comfort, convenience, and an experience – all things dairy can help deliver. Since 2019, dairy-centric menu items like burrito bowls, cheese bread/breadsticks, macaroni and cheese, and other comfort items have shown double-digit growth in orders across eating establishments in the U.S. In fact, 38% of on-premises and 33% of off-premises customers say their restaurant choices will be influenced by whether the menus include the comfort foods they crave!

As consumers increase their dining out experiences, whether at fast-casual or fine-dining, dairy helps restaurants meet their customers expectations. Discover how Midwest Dairy has partnered with restaurants throughout our 10-state region to extend the reach of their promotions, reduce the cost of customer acquisition, create effective limited time offers, utilize dairy farmer voices and stories, and so much more.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

Limited Time Offer Reaches 6 Million Consumers

Midwest Dairy partnered with Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers to promote a delicious limited time offer featuring ice cream and other dairy products in all of their restaurants. Freddy’s used funding and consumer insights from Midwest Dairy to create an impactful promotion aimed at expanding its audience and satisfying their appetite for new flavors and products.

Download our case study to learn more about the limited time offer details, how it reached over six million consumers, and other exciting results from the program!

Download Case Study
Runza Restaurants

Combine Promotions + Dairy Farmers

Midwest Dairy partnered with Runza Restaurants for a limited time offer promotion that featured a local Nebraska farm family, helping share their dairy story with consumers throughout Nebraska. Runza used funds provided by Midwest Dairy to create customized point-of-sale materials, social media posts, and product shots that highlighted fun facts about the dairy products included in their delicious products. Runza tied this information back to dairy farm families, highlighting how purchasing from Runza supports local farmers.

Download our case study to learn how Runza reached over 2.4 million consumers and more through this partnership!

Download Case Study
Pizza Ranch

Building on Years of Partnership

Midwest Dairy has long been a partner of Pizza Ranch, supporting their 200+ franchised locations across 15 states with marketing support and menu innovation. Midwest Dairy’s support for Pizza Ranch has lead to many successful programs, including an effort to drive incremental cheese sales in 2022. Through this program, Pizza Ranch increased the amount of cheese on their popular Cheesy Ranch Sticks.

Learn more about this program, which was so successful it became permanent, by downloading our case study.

Download Case Study
Mike Denning Foodservice Manager

Interested in Learning More?

Searching for ways to extend the reach of your restaurant’s promotions, reduce the cost of customer aquisition, create effective limited time offers, and more? Midwest Dairy can support with funded advertising sponsorships. To learn more, contact Mike Denning, Manager of Business Development – Food Service!