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School Foodservice

student drinking chocolate milk

Supporting Healthy Schools and Students

Midwest Dairy proudly supports programs that improve the health and wellness of children in schools. Making milk, cheese, and yogurt available at school helps ensure students get the nutrients they need. Our tools can help you enhance or expand opportunities for students to make healthy choices.


Importance of School Meals

Ensuring students have access to balanced meals is the best way to fuel learning and growth.


Alternative Breakfast Solutions

School breakfast is the most cost-effective step schools can take to improve student wellness.


Keeping Milk Cold

There is one thing school cafeterias can do to make milk more appealing: keep it colder.


Beyond the Milk Carton

Dairy foods are nutritional powerhouses and add flavor and variety to school meals.


Innovate with Dairy

Yogurt Smoothies

Packed with protein, milk and yogurt smoothies are an easy and delicious way to spark new interest in school breakfast and lunch programs.

Hot Chocolate Milk

Heating chocolate milk to serve as hot chocolate is a simple and delicious way to increase milk consumption and attract new students to your school’s breakfast and lunch programs.

High School Only

Coffee & Lattes

Capture student and staff coffee beverage demand in school with a delicious cold coffee and latte station.

Bulk Milk Dispensers

As more schools are focused on sustainability and zero waste, bulk milk dispensers are an innovative way to deliver cold milk and decrease waste.