‘Tis the Season for Dairy

Milk, cookies and family fun… How is dairy included in your holiday traditions? Join our photo challenge for a chance to win free cheesecake for a year.

Undeniably Dairy

Dairy fresh. Dairy chill. Dairy fun. Dairy thrill. Help yourself to several servings of all things dairy.



It’s a Back-to-School Brain Booster!

Pumpkin Pie Squares

Enjoy delicious, warm pumpkin pie squares with a big glass of milk on a fall day.

Farm Life

Real & Safe

Take 48 seconds to watch the journey your milk takes — in about 48 hours.

Nutrition & Health

Power Up with Dairy

Does dairy seem like an unlikely place to find your protein? Don’t miss out!

Schools & Communities

First-Time Farm Tour

Follow along with Olivia E. as she milks a cow, visits the milking parlor and feeds calves.

Dairy Makes Sense Blog

Healthy Recipes

Ultimate Chewy Ginger Snaps

Ultimate Chewy Ginger Snaps

We love our ginger cookies a little puffy, soft and chewy, with plenty of ginger and spice! Slightly more or less flour will make a thicker or thinner cookie – adjust the flour to suit your preference.

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Meet Our Farmers

Cows and Kids Come First for Minnesota Family

Cows and Kids Come First for Minnesota Family

Steve and Lisa Groetsch from Albany, Minnesota, began dairy farming together after they were married in 1989. Starting with 40 cows in a stall barn, they always had an eye to the future and making improvements to the dairy to benefit their farm, their cows and their family.

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