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Dairy farm family North Dakota

Meet Our Dairy Farm Families

The Midwest is home to thousands of dairy farmers who are committed to providing nutritious, wholesome milk and dairy products. They share a great responsibility as stewards of land, resources and, of course, their cows! Click below to learn more about Midwest Dairy’s farm families.

Farmer Stories

Checkoff at Work

Learn how Midwest Dairy is working to fulfill our mission of Bringing Dairy to Life. Read stories about our work, its impact and how we represent dairy farm families in the Midwest.

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Dairy’s Commitment to Sustainability

What goes into a glass of milk? Behind every glass is a dedicated dairy farm family, perhaps generations of a family, who share a deep desire to provide the world responsibly sourced dairy foods that nourish people, strengthen communities and foster a sustainable future. Read more about our dairy farmers’ commitment to sustainability.

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Healthy Benefits

Did you know research indicates dairy foods may contribute healthy outcomes such as lowering blood pressure and reducing risk for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes? The benefits of dairy go well beyond its protein and calcium! Visit our Dairy Nutrition page to learn more and access free dairy nutrition resources.

Dairy Nutrition

Dairy at Retail

Midwest Dairy provides resources to retailers to help them increase traffic in the dairy aisle and build dairy sales. Find research and insights on the latest consumer trends and learn more about driving demand in the dairy retail space. Are you a retailer interested in partnering with Midwest Dairy? Get in touch!

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Working with Partners to Share Dairy’s Story

Undeniably Dairy™ is the dairy community’s national initiative to remind consumers of the many reasons they love and trust dairy foods.

Midwest Dairy encourages partners to use and share the many fun and informative Undeniably Dairy resources that highlight dairy’s benefits and responsible values in bringing food to the table.

If you’d like to collaborate with us or learn more, please contact us!

Undeniably Dairy