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Dairy fresh. Dairy chill. Dairy fun. Dairy thrill. Help yourself to several servings of all things dairy.


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Ice Cream!

One lick or spoonful of this delicious, creamy, ice cream will leave you screaming for more!

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Mozzarella Pepper Salsa

This is a party starting mozzarella pepper salsa appetizer that you can pair with crackers or spoon on top of whole grain bread.

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Milk is Local

On average, milk takes about 48 hours to get from the farm to your grocery store.
Meet the families who make it happen.


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Farm Life

Real & Safe

Take 48 seconds to watch the journey your milk takes — in about 48 hours.

Nutrition & Health

Power Up with Dairy

Does dairy seem like an unlikely place to find your protein? Don’t miss out!

Schools & Communities

First-Time Farm Tour

Follow along with Olivia E. as she milks a cow, visits the milking parlor and feeds calves.

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This Quiz is Dairy Insightful

This Quiz is Dairy Insightful

Have you ever wondered if you’re the big cheese and you just don’t know it? Do you love dairy products so much you dream about turning into an ice cream cone? With Midwest Dairy’s quiz, What Dairy Product Are You?, you’ll find your dairy doppelgänger.

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