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Learn more about how Midwest Dairy is maximizing dairy sales by providing insight and expertise to retailers, increasing consumer confidence, supporting school nutrition, providing opportunities to young dairy leaders, investing in research and sharing those insights to help develop products that meet consumers’ needs.

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Dairy at Retail

Midwest Dairy provides resources to retailers to help them increase traffic in the dairy aisle and build dairy sales. Find research and insights on the latest consumer trends, discover dairy recipes and learn more about dairy farmers’ sustainability practices, all of which play a vital role in driving demand in the dairy retail space.

Discover Dairy at Retail

Working with Partners to Share Dairy’s Story

Undeniably Dairy ™ is the dairy community’s national initiative to remind consumers of the many reasons they love and trust dairy foods. Dairy is nutrient rich, locally and sustainably produced, affordable and delicious!

Midwest Dairy encourages partners to use and share the many fun and informative Undeniably Dairy resources that highlight dairy’s benefits and responsible values in bringing food to the table.

Undeniably Dairy

Wellness and Nutrition

Dairy plays an essential role in overall wellness and nutrition. Learn about the important role of dairy foods in a healthy eating plan, and get tips on how to incorporate dairy foods into meals and snacks to fuel a healthy lifestyle.


Student Programs

Dairy Ambassador

Midwest Dairy’s Ambassador Program is designed to build future dairy champions to promote the dairy community and give consumers an excellent dairy experience.

Dairy Princess

This program provides the opportunity for young women to be ambassadors for the dairy industry in their district and across the state.


Midwest Dairy offers scholarships to students who are from dairy farms or studying in dairy-related majors.