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Dairy for Educators

Educator Resources

Educators, discover curriculum for students in elementary through high school that includes STEM concepts, educating students on where their milk comes from and how dairy contributes to the world. These free educator resources include topics of sustainability, farm facts, FACS/culinary activities, virtual farm tours, games, lesson plans, coloring, and more!


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Dairy Cattle Breeds

Learn more about the different dairy cattle breeds in the United States, including origins, characteristics, and fun facts. Breeds include Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein,…


GENYOUth’s Root4Her program is designed for middle school girls and provides resources, support, strategies, and motivation to make movement an important part of a girls’…

Whip it Up: Cooking Lesson

Food can be more than what you buy at a grocery store!

Udder Bingo

Learn facts on how people are affected by food insecurity through an engaging game.


Students will love this variation of the classic Taboo game!

Why Milk: Pints to Gallons

Encourage community service through a coin drive.

Milk Moovment

Discover milk’s journey from farm to school.

Food for Thought

Learn how real-world factors impact food security.

Fight Hunger Roadmap

Race to create access to food while learning about food insecurity.

Farm to School Jeopardy

Bring the fun of Jeopardy into your classroom!

Create Awareness Poster

Students will raise awareness about food insecurities.

Cooking with Intent

Students teaching students about nutritious foods.