Young Dairy Leaders

Through programs, scholarships and internships, Midwest Dairy shapes future dairy leaders and professionals, paving the way for continued success in the dairy industry.

Teen girls stand around an Undeniably Dairy banner at Ag Awareness Day.

Dairy Ambassadors

The Dairy Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students interested in dairy. Dairy Ambassadors will have the opportunity to connect with consumers and share their dairy story while networking with their peers and industry professionals.

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Dairy Princess Program

Midwest Dairy invests in Dairy Princess Programs, which offer leadership opportunities to shape young dairy advocates.

Dairy Scholarships

Midwest Dairy supports learning and growth opportunities for college students interested in dairy.

Dairy Internships

Midwest Dairy provides unique internship opportunities to help grow the future industry workforce.

Three teens in blue plastic boots stand in a garage and have their picture taken.

Checkoff success stories

Learn more about how checkoff’s investment in developing young dairy leaders is helping to build consumer confidence in dairy and to shape the future of the dairy industry.

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