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Midwest Dairy has a staff of more than 60 employees who are proud to be working for dairy farmers founded in science and research to build trust and demand for delicious, nutritious dairy products throughout the region.

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Our Executive Team

  • Molly Pelzer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brenda Goldman, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Trudy Wastweet, Chief Operating Officer

Management Contacts

  • Beth Bruck-Upton, Vice President, Business Unit Operations–West (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska)
  • Bob Lefebvre, Vice President, Agricultural Affairs
  • Bridget Sheehan, Vice President, Business Unit Operations–South (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma)
  • Eir Garcia Silva, Vice President, Dairy Experience, Farmer
  • Jennifer Voegele, Vice President, Dairy Experience, Marketing Communications
  • Julie Mattson Ostrow, Vice President, Dairy Experience, Wellness
  • Martha Kemper, Vice President, Dairy Experience, Demand
  • Melissa Young, Vice President, Business Unit Operations–East (Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois)
  • Wendy Meck, Vice President, Accounting
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Farmer Relations Staff

Our Farmers Relations staff is here to help you.

Stacy Dohle

Mitch Schulte
Jenna Finch

Kendra Anderson

Ron Grusenmeyer

Lucas Sjostrom
Shannon Seifert
Jenna Davis

Stacey Dohle
Ron Grusenmeyer

Tracy J. Behnken

North Dakota
Beth Bruck-Upton

Stacy Dohle

South Dakota
Tom Peterson

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Wellness Staff

If you have questions about expanding the availability of dairy foods in your school or would like more information about the nutrition benefits of dairy foods or how to become involved in the Fuel UP to Play 60 program, contact a member of our Wellness staff.

Dairy Demand Staff

If you would like more information about how to maximize your dairy sales at retail, contact a member of our Dairy Demand staff.

Marketing Communications Staff

If you would like information about how to participate in the national Undeniably Dairy campaign or are looking for tools and resources to more easily share information about the goodness of dairy foods with your audiences, contact a member of our Marketing Communications staff.