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Dairy in the Community

Reaching Consumers With and Through Partners

Partnerships are critical in ensuring dairy is available and accessible throughout our communities – from schools to grocery store shelves and food pantries across the Midwest. Learn more about the role dairy plays in strengthening our communities.

Dairy in the Market

The dairy case drives traffic and sales. Take milk, for example. Milk is the third largest beverage category today with over 95 percent household penetration and is the second most profitable area of the store with potential for growth. Midwest Dairy can help retailers increase traffic and grow sales.

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Research and Trends

In an increasingly complex, fast-moving world, Midwest Dairy helps partners remain relevant to today’s consumers by investing in consumer, category and market research to forecast trends and uncover consumer insights to share with partners.

Feeding our Community

Dairy farmers have a long-standing commitment to the health and well-being of our communities. This is reflected in their significant contributions to addressing the issue of food insecurity, and particularly the impact hunger has on our nation’s children. Working alongside local food banks, schools and a variety of other organizations, the dairy community continues to work toward ensuring every American has access to the essential nutrients found in dairy foods.
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