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Glass of milk

Undeniably Dairy

About the Campaign

Undeniably Dairy is the dairy community’s campaign to highlight dairy in places it already exists to rekindle consumers’ love and trust for dairy. The campaign was created to support and promote various members of the dairy community from the dairy farmers to the dairy processors to the people that provide dairy products for your store shelves or for your menu innovations. This multi-year campaign is prideful, memorable and fun!

Easily Customizable

Undeniably Dairy is made up of unique brand marks, videos, partnerships, and more. And through it, we voice our commitment to being nutrient-rich, locally driven, and responsibly produced.

Interested in utilizing the Undeniably Dairy logo? Partners and members of the dairy community can work with Midwest Dairy to customize the logo and adopt relevant dairy-centric taglines for their promotions.

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For More Information

Interested in utilizing Undeniably Dairy for your next promotion? Contact Midwest Dairy for more information!