Dairy Research & Trends

Understanding consumer and market trends not only helps our partners understand what is driving today's consumer, it uncovers new opportunities to grow sales of dairy.

Turning Consumer Insights into Action

Midwest Dairy uncovers the insights behind consumer trends, the reasons behind these trends and which products support them. Packaged together, research and consumer insights help our partners better understand consumer desires, and how to most effectively meet them.

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Bringing actionable insights to a complex marketplace.
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Top Dairy Trends

Helping retailers stay on top of consumer trends and better understand what drives food purchasing decisions ensures relevancy as well as the opportunity to increase demand and sales. And when it comes to trends, dairy delivers a lot of what consumers desire, which includes core beliefs and factors like locally produced, taste, nutrients, convenience, accessibility and sustainability.



Milk travels from farm to store in about 48 hours


Dairy allows consumers to experience new flavors, indulgence and customization


Dairy offers snackability and portability


See what else is trending in dairy

Understanding Tomorrow’s Butter Consumer

Butter is consumed universally, however there are segments of the market that can be targeted for category growth such as Generation Z.
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Ready to Drink Coffee Trends and Dairy

Ready to drink (RTD) coffee sales grew about 10% annually in the U.S. from 2013-2017 and 90% of RTD coffees are formulated with dairy milk.’
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Understanding the Millennial Consumer

Millennials are the largest generation, but don’t make up the largest spending on food, creating an opportunity to grow dairy sales with these young consumers.
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The Farm Connection

As a dairy promotion organization, we work with farmers. We know their passion. We know what it truly means to be local and sustainable.

Through partnerships, Midwest Dairy brings together a diverse group of experts to share information and ideas. Industry experts, scientists, researchers, registered dietitians, processors, food service professionals, food writers and bloggers, chefs, physicians, schools, wellness professionals and more share dinner tables, panels, podcasts and more to bring the best products and ideas to consumers. This information allows us to make the in-store and online experience better, understand consumer needs and bring dairy to life through your store, earning shopper loyalty.  

Get to know our farmers and their stories