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Consumer Insights on Dairy’s Role in the Clean Clear Labeling Trend

Nearly one in three consumers today looks for clean food labels when choosing which foods to eat or buy. While research exists about the overall trend, Midwest Dairy sought insights about whether consumers understand how dairy fits into the “clean” trend. We preview new communications tools and resources to help bridge gaps in consumer knowledge about how milk and dairy products surpass dairy alternatives when delivering on this clean/clear trend.

How Today’s Consumer Trends Are Driving Dairy Innovation

Learn how consumer and lifestyle trends are fueling innovative product development throughout the dairy community.  During the session you’ll learn about the motivations, attitudes and concerns that are top of mind for today’s consumers, and how these insights are inspiring product innovators to develop dairy foods that meet these evolving consumer needs. Presenters: Cindy Sorensen, vice president of business and development for Midwest Dairy Association; Madyln Daley, senior vice president of knowledge and insights for Dairy Management Inc. and Jonathan Litkowski from Edelman Intelligence.
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