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Funding Dairy Research

Fueling Dairy Innovation

Midwest Dairy supports processor and partner innovation in the marketplace by funding research and providing timely consumer trends and insights that drive business decisions that benefit the dairy industry. Learn more about our efforts to solve challenges in the dairy industry through research and how we support processors and partners take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace to drive demand in dairy.

Advancing Research Through the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center

Bringing together dairy researchers and industry partners, the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center (MDFRC) helps identify and fund research that helps solve current challenges in dairy food processing through process improvement.

Research priorities are established around five key areas that align with faculty expertise and university resources to address the technical challenges and fuel innovation. Those include:

  • Analytical tools and testing methods
  • Dairy-based ingredients
  • Manufacturing quality and functionality
  • Safety, flavor and nutritional profiles
  • Value-added products
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Advised by Farmers and Industry Professionals

A collaborative effort between dairy farmers and land grant universities focusing on dairy products research and innovation, MDFRC makes a difference by focusing on pre-competitive research, educating the next generation of dairy leaders and improving research priorities and return on investment by creating feedback loops among stakeholders. The MDFRC delivers research and education that benefit consumers and fuel a strong market for Midwest Dairy.

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Driving Innovation in the Marketplace

In addition to fueling research, Midwest Dairy invests checkoff resources into projects and partnerships that drive innovation in the marketplace. With access to case studies and a cutting-edge food and beverage product database, Midwest Dairy can identify local and global trends and track consumer needs, behaviors and consumption motivators. One such partnership is with The Hatchery Chicago, a non-profit food and beverage incubator, in which Midwest Dairy partnered for the Private Kitchen Pitch Contest. Learn more about how this pitch contest, now in its second year, has brought dairy to unexpected places.
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