Food Operations Foreman

Location: Springfield, Illinois

The foreman of the State Fair operations is responsible for overseeing the “behind-the-counter” operations of the dairy bar. Experience with food operations and supervising staff is highly desired. A Food Handler Certification is required. The start date for this position will be August 10, 2020 and the end date will be August 24, 2020. The Foreman’s main responsibility is to ensure safe, high quality product delivery at all ADAMW operations.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Dairy Bar Operations:

  • Manage and supervise the start-up and other procedures, which involve the following:
    • Maintain, order, accept, and document inventory of all product & dry good shipments daily, maintain inventory to limit inventory surplus at conclusion of fair.
  • Clean and sanitize the dairy bar and monitor assembly and preparation of all equipment to meet the opening of the Illinois State Fair at 4 p.m. on August 13th.
  • Determine service needs on equipment and inform ADAMW staff when necessary.
  • Maintain janitor closet equipment (water heaters, air compressor, air dryer, chemical pumps, chemicals, air door, etc.) and inform ADAMW staff of service needs when necessary.
  • Assure clean-up crew and procedures meet regulatory agency requirements.
  • Monitor all chemical handling and post chemical labels and safety procedures.
  • Assure proper documentation and records of cleaning, washing, rinsing, sanitizing procedures including control panel time/temperature record sheets.
  • Supervise operation(s) start-up and shut-down process to assure minimal product waste.
  • Assure the implementation of all ADAMW and regulatory agency requirements/ recommendations.
  • Monitor shift change operations behind the bar to assure smooth transitions.
  • Handle cash counting and drawer balance, balance sheets for state fair, money order and deposit daily into ADAMW account at designated bank.


  • In connection with such services, the foreman shall provide to the company the following deliverables: 
  • Efficiently deliver high quality dairy food products in a consumer-friendly environment while maintaining safe food handling practices, worker safety, and generation of maximum sales with minimal ADAMW staff time committed.