Dairy Promotion Funding

Available to Midwest dairy farmers, dairy groups and agricultural organizations, Dairy Promotion Grants help turn great ideas for promoting the dairy industry to consumers into reality.

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Who is Eligible to Apply

Any of the following are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to dairy farmers and organized dairy groups first, and to other agriculture organizations second. Funding is subject to availability.

  • Dairy farmers contributing to Midwest Dairy checkoff
  • Organized dairy groups (a dairy farmer currently contributing to Midwest Dairy checkoff must serve on the organization’s board and provide board information during the application process)
  • Agriculture organizations (FFA, Farm Bureau, 4-H, etc.)

What types of programs/events are eligible?

Each program/event must align with Undeniably Dairy to connect with consumers and build trust, focusing on responsibly produced, locally driven, nutrient rich and real enjoyment messages.

The program/event must also target conflicted health seekers and/or K-12 youth. Conflicted health seekers are typically individuals outside of the agricultural community looking to feel more confident about purchasing and consuming dairy.

Examples of acceptable programs or events include:

On-Farm – Tours/Visitor Center/Experience

A farm-to-table event on your farm with local influencers, an ice cream social for educators, opening your farm for regular tours or a breakfast on the farm. 

Exhibits – Food Festival/City Festival/Health Fair

An interactive exhibit where you can have conversations with conflicted health seekers and/or youth. Activities will draw people to the exhibit. Any food provided should be sample-sized and donated or purchased with other funds. 

Local Partners – Schools/Libraries/Retailers

Programs that connect youth with local dairy ambassadors or princesses, a partnership with a school to provide food service or milk cooling equipment (this is approved by NDB and USDA), amplifying farm-to-fork messaging with a local library or through community education, or working with a local grocery store to provide cooking classes that focus on dairy or information about dairy farming or dairy foods. 

Funds must meet the requirements of the Dairy Promotion and Research Order issued by USDA, which allows and prohibits the following:

What are the application requirements?

Applicants can apply for up to $3,000 in one calendar year.

Applicants must complete a separate online application request for each program/event by one of three deadlines: February 25, May 1 or August 1.

This is a competitive grant program and full funding is not guaranteed.

Only one application per program/event will be accepted (e.g., a dairy farmer and a farmyard friend can’t both apply for the same breakfast on the farm).

Applications will be evaluated and scored on completeness, detail and alignment with the Undeniably Dairy criteria.

Applicants will be notified electronically 30 days after the application deadline (March 29, May 31, September 3) with funding approval and amount.

Approved applicants will receive funding 45 days after the application deadline (April 11, June 15, September 15).

A final report must be submitted online within 90 days of program/event completion.

Failure to meet reporting requirements will result in the applicant being ineligible for funding the next calendar year.

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Please contact Midwest Dairy at 1-877-360-FARM (3276) with any eligibility or application questions.

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