Malt Wagon Driver

This seasonal (June – August) position is responsible in carrying out the delivery and pick-up tactics of food services concession trailers as directed while maintaining food safety objectives, on-site customer relations, and maintenance as needed. 


1.      Deliver, set up, and take down concession trailers and associated equipment with company provided vehicle

2.      Maintain high quality customer relations. Notify each contact person at least one week in advance to arrange a mutually acceptable concession trailer delivery time, and pickup time

3.      Become proficient on procedures of cleaning, sanitizing, and operation of malt machines and provide instruction to users

4.      Provide instruction to users regarding wagon operation, specifically electrical, water heater, pump, and waste water tank

5.      Provide instructions to users on ‘end of event’ rating system detailing the cleanliness objectives that must be met after each event

6.      Complete end of event rating evaluation and inventory report after each event

7.      Report maintenance and other needs to Program Manager, and take action as directed

8.      Use authorized dump sites to empty waste water holding tank

9.      Maintain mileage log book for Midwest Dairy Association

10.   Must undergo MN DOT Medical Exam and carry MN DOT Health Certificate at all times

11.   Maintain hours of service log sheets for MN DOT (Minnesota Dept. of Transportation)

12.   Perform MN DOT safety inspection on both truck and concession trailers prior to each trip, and sign off on the daily inspection sheet

13.  Submit necessary paperwork (end of event rating evaluation, inventory report, timesheets, expense reports, event temperature logs, MN DOT service log sheets) in a timely manner

14.  Recommend alternatives/innovations for wagons, equipment, and overall program to Program Manager

15.  Maintain proper vehicle maintenance by arranging for oil changes every 3000 miles

Education and Experience:

While experience with hauling trailers is helpful, we do provide full on the job training. It is important to have a confident level in learning to pull a 24-foot concession trailer and have a good understanding or aptitude towards mechanics.

Working Hours and Days:

The concession trailers travel throughout Minnesota to various county fairs and festivals. A schedule of your drops and pick-ups is provided at the start of the season. Depending on location and fair dates, daily hours can range anywhere from 4-12 hours per day, mainly Monday through Wednesday. Occasionally there may be a Thursday or a Sunday scheduled, or an overnight necessary due to MN DOT regulations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


1.      Knowledge of the Malt Wagon food safety guidelines and required practices

2.      Knowledge of map reading and/or familiar with GPS (GPS devices are not provided)

3.      Knowledge of the mission statement of Midwest Dairy Association. Most of the contact people we work with at a county fair or festival are dairy farmers, and they fund the malt wagon program


Skill of developing and maintaining positive working relationships with program staff and malt wagon users


1.      Ability to map out driving routes to the scheduled events and arrive on time and safely for drops and pick-ups with the trailer

2.      Ability to be flexible with on the job problems that may arise such as electrical, water pump or heater issues, or plumbing issues, or mechanical issues with vehicle

3.      Ability to provide thorough and consistent feedback or scores with ‘end of event’ rating system used at all events

4.      Ability to do or be trained to hitch concession trailer, pull the trailer, and level the trailer

5.      Ability to maneuver the concession trailer into the space provided at each event. If problems arise in this area, use your best judgment to determine if a dairy farmer can move the wagon (using Midwest Dairy Association company vehicle).

6.      Ability to work with other malt wagon drivers should a change in delivery or pick-up occur

7.      Ability to work in and around the wagon safely. Your job involves, at times, crawling under the wagon to inspect operation of the waste water tank, cranking hitches and jacks, assisting in moving heavy equipment, hauling boxes of inventory (cups, toppings, spoons)

Physical Requirement:

1.      Able to walk, stand and lift at least 50 lbs. This occurs frequently.

2.      Able to drive a truck for long periods of time. This occurs frequently.

3.      Able to bend, kneel, reach below and overhead. This occurs frequently.

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