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Midwest calf voted the “Most Kissable Calf” through the Adopt a Cow Program

Midwest Dairy’s long-standing relationship with Discover Dairy’s Adopt a Cow Program helps connect students to dairy farm families to grow trust and allow them to learn more about where their food comes from. The program offers quarterly calf updates with the farmer incorporating classroom instruction and other fun contests throughout the year, like the “Most Kissable Calf” in February. 

With over 1 million votes, Midwest Dairy’s calf, Diamond, was selected as the “Most Kissable Calf” from Rottinghaus Holstein Farm in Kansas. Midwest Dairy had a total of 15 calves competing in the contest from our six host farms, including Berning Dairy of Illinois, College of the Ozarks of Missouri, JCC Jerseys of Nebraska, Miron Farm of Minnesota, Takes Dairy of Iowa, and Rottinghaus Holstein Farm of Kansas. 

This is the first year Midwest Dairy has seen entire grades adopt a calf, growing the reach within a school building. Another trend has been increased engagement across social media, with educators sharing their experiences with followers. Educators are excited about the live calf chats this spring, where students will meet with farmers and ask questions. 

Social media post from Discover Dairy