Midwest Dairy’s Annual Meeting – One of My Favorite Days of the Year

In early April, we held our annual meeting in conjunction with DMI’s Western Regional Planning Forum in Phoenix. For me, this meeting remains one of my favorite days of the year! Despite challenging times, the positive energy was palpable, and the dairy farmers who attended were eager to share ideas and network. What a privilege it was to gather with so many leaders focused on building demand and trust in dairy throughout our region.

During the opening session, I shared a phrase that resonates with me: “What Got Us Here, Won’t Get Us There.” This sentence encourages us all to stretch and think creatively about innovative ideas to bring dairy to life with our partners and thought leaders. It’s no different than the approach you’re all taking to keep your farms sustainable into the future. Fueled by this spirit of innovation, I also highlighted the important lesson of focusing on what we can control, letting issues that we can’t control – dairy economics, trade policy and even weather – fall to the wayside so they don’t distract us from achieving our goals. I was excited to highlight our increased focus in two areas. We continue to provide insights and expertise to our retail partners to help them maximize dairy sales in their stores. We’re also building on the success of our school foodservice relationships, encouraging partners to make a wider variety of dairy products available to students at different times throughout the day.

I encourage you to read through our 2018 annual report for more examples of the work we’re leading on your behalf.