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Mitch Schulte named the new Vice President of Ag Affairs at Midwest Dairy

August 31, 2022


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Midwest Dairy is excited to announce the promotion of Mitch Schulte to the position of Vice President of Ag Affairs. Shulte has previously served as the Iowa Farmer Relations Manager of Iowa within Midwest Dairy. Because of his past experiences, Schulte will be a resource both dairy farmers and Midwest Dairy staff can depend on.  

Schulte brings nearly 10 years of professional experience, starting with Midwest Dairy in 2015 as the Associate Director for the Iowa State Dairy Association (ISDA) and an Iowa Farmer Relations Manager. He would later become the Interim Director for ISDA in 2017 and then the Executive Director in 2018. But his passion for the dairy industry and appreciation of agriculture began on his family dairy farm in Benton County, Iowa, where he grew up. Throughout high school and college, Schulte worked with his father and brothers on the family farm and at a larger dairy outside his hometown. Schulte graduated from Iowa State University in 2012.

In his prior role, Schulte divided his time between two impactful organizations by working closely with board members to introduce programs and legislation that would better the dairy industry while working to prevent issues that could negatively impact Iowa dairy farmers. Because of his past experiences, he is ready to shift his skillset to benefit the entire 10-state region of the Midwest. “I take great pride in being a voice for dairy farmers and sharing my knowledge with consumers. I am most excited for the opportunity to expand my impact to the other states in the organization and to collaborate with more colleagues, farmers, and consumers,” said Schulte.  

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