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2024 Flavor of the Fair

Calling all ice cream enthusiasts! One of these flavors will see you at the Minnesota State Fair this August. Make your voice heard and vote for your favorite below by April 19, 2024!

The three malt and sundae flavors up for consideration are:

  • Chamango Chill: POV: You want something sweet yet savory with a spicy kick. Chamango Chill is a vanilla sundae or malt topped with luscious mango chunks bursting with tropical sweetness – but take it to the next level with a splash of chamoy. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a generous dash of Tajín, that zesty, chili-lime seasoning.
  • Boba ‘Sota: Ope, don’t let this one scooch right past ya. Brown sugar boba pearls, sweet and chewy, come with rich brown sugar syrup, giving you a vanilla sundae or malt that’s like a cozy hug for your taste buds.
  • Rockstar-Berry: Dive into this dairy treat, where a vanilla malt or sundae meets the electric buzz of colorful fruity rice cereal and sweet juicy strawberries. Get ready to let your taste buds rock out with the ultimate blend of smooth and crunchy, sweet and fruity.
2024 flavor of the fair

Voting for the Flavor of the Fair has ended. Check back soon to find out the winner!