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New dairy exhibit opens at Grant’s Farm

June 2, 2021


2 minute read

Midwest Dairy moo-ved into Grant’s Farm this season with the sponsorship of a new dairy exhibit featuring 12 dairy calves representing each dairy cattle breed. The new Grant’s Farm Dairy exhibit, located adjacent to the Bauernhof Courtyard, is a covered barn with views and access to the dairy calves. Inside the exhibit, visitors will enjoy family-friendly learning stations, including a fiber glass cow for children to ‘milk’ and a touchscreen kiosk ready to play short, informational dairy videos.   

“We wish that everyone could visit a working dairy farm and have a one-on-one conversation with a farmer. And that’s why it was important to us that families could have this opportunity to visit a dairy exhibit to gain a true understanding of where their milk comes from and get a chance to see dairy calves up close!” said Donna Telle, a dairy farmer from Uniontown. “We were excited to work with Grant’s Farm because we know they treat their animals with special care – a practice that we take very seriously as dairy farmers.”

The dairy exhibit was unveiled when Grant’s Farm opened for the season on May 28, 2021 and will be celebrated throughout National Dairy Month. Two evenings, June 4 and June 25, include visits from local dairy farmers and family-oriented activities during Grant’s Farm’s Friday Nights at the Farm.

“We’re excited that Midwest Dairy was willing to bring a little bit of the farm back to Grant’s Farm,” said Scott Smith, general manager of Grant’s Farm. “We’re proud of our farming heritage here at Grant’s Farm and are working to spotlight that meaningful history as we expand.”

Midwest Dairy works with community partners to educate and create experiences that work to build trust surrounding dairy especially with young families. The Midwest is home to more than 5,800 dairy farmers bringing milk and other dairy products to local grocery stores every day.

“Our goal with the dairy exhibit is to reach the next generation of dairy consumers, many of whom may be seeing cows up close for the first time,” said Molly Pelzer, Midwest Dairy CEO. “The exhibit highlights how dairy farmers care for their cows and are committed to on-farm sustainability practices. We’re thrilled that this new dairy exhibit will offer a glimpse into the process of bringing dairy from the farm to our tables.”