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The unique way the Huhe family supports their community

October 1, 2022


2 minute read

Tim Huhe and his family have a diverse operation, including 400 head of milking cows, custom-raised hogs, about 80 lambs, and custom farms around 1,800 acres of crops outside of Cresco, Iowa. Tim was born and raised in Cresco with his seven siblings, had the opportunity to take over the farm, and is now raising his own family on the original family farm. Reflecting on when he first started, Tim remembered when the farm was milking 32 cows with a bucket. Today, they are milking in a parallel parlor with 400 cows but are in the process of expanding to 800 cows. Tim is very excited to continue to be a part of the dairy industry and expand their herd in the next year by doubling the size.

Tim and his family were honored with the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award two years ago and have continued to serve their community. Tim is currently serving as the President of the Northeast Iowa Dairy and Agriculture Foundation and has been involved with the Foundation for about ten years. He believes that you must give back because whatever you are doing involves people, and those people are helping each other to be successful.

Tim’s family provides many educational opportunities to the younger generations. One program that they currently provide includes students raising their own calf to cow. They are taught many responsibilities while being involved with this program, and in the end, they can show their calf at the Howard County Fair during the summer. Tim shared that he has had a student involved with the program for five years and raised one calf to a five-year-old milking cow. It proves how impactful Tim’s family and the program are on students.

The Huhe Family’s dedication to sustainable farm practices is quite evident in every farm task. “We just try to do the right thing every day,” says Tim.