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Tormaschy Dairy Farm recognized for dairy excellence

March 29, 2022


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Toby and Heidi Tormaschy of the Tormaschy Dairy Farm have been milking cows north of Richardton, North Dakota, since 2008, along with their four daughters. The family currently milks 65 Holsteins and has plans to add Jersey heifers to their herd. The Tormaschy Dairy Farm is a Grade A member of Dairy Farmers of America, and their milk is processed into specialty cheeses in Pollock, South Dakota.

Both Toby and Heidi grew up on a dairy farm and have stayed engaged within the industry today. Toby was raised on a 70-cow dairy in the same area of Richardton, North Dakota, where the pair farms today. He is currently a Dairy Promotion Commission Board Member and serves his time on the Midwest Dairy North Dakota Division Board. Heidi grew up on a 120-cow dairy near Flasher, North Dakota, and was a past North Dakota Dairy Princess.

Tormaschy family

The family was recently awarded the 2021 Commissioner’s Award of Dairy Excellence during the 2022 North Dakota Dairy Convention, where the farm was recognized for consistently having high-quality milk and outstanding inspection records. This award is given to a dairy farm with a record for community and industry involvement, showcasing one’s dedication to producing quality dairy products with environmentally-friendly facilities.

Congratulations to an impressive young couple as they continue to make their mark in the industry!