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Try these fast and easy ways to fuel your day and
ENJOY 25 to 30 grams of
PROTEIN before lunch.

Nutrition & Health

Dairy Nutrition

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans embraces flexibility to help people develop and enjoy healthy eating habits. Regardless of your path to a healthy diet, three daily servings of dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt can play an important role in your well-being, from childhood through adulthood. Dairy foods taste great and contain essential nutrients.

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Schools & Communities

Fuel Up to Play 60 Contest

Ten Fuel Up to Play 60 High School teams could soon welcome an NFL player to their school. Learn more about this exciting contest and whether your school is eligible. Entries must be received by March 1. See Official Rules.

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Farm Life

Farm to Fork

Milk, cheese and yogurt are some of the freshest and simplest foods we can include in our diets … and all three take just a few steps and a few hours to get from the farm to your fork (or spoon or glass). That’s because the dairy farms and farmers that produce them can be found near you – in all 50 states – making them truly a locally grown or produced food choice.

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