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Bringing dairy to a community partnership

November 28, 2023


1 minute read

For years, the Chicago Bears have been a great partner of Midwest Dairy. Checkoff has worked with The Chicago Bears many times to focus on Generation Z, and because this age group is also important to them, they offered us an opportunity to join a community partnership with Youth Guidance. Youth Guidance facilitates groups with young men and women in Chicago and other cities around the country to motivate them and give them the tools they need to be successful despite their backgrounds.

Midwest Dairy sent Jillian Q, a Registered Dietitian, to different schools every week, where she shared how to reset with dairy and include dairy in a healthy lifestyle. This part of each session was the most engaging for students as they understood the messages and were eager to learn how dairy can play a role in their lives. A player joined Jillian at every event, and dairy-related snacks were provided to each group.

The Bears also posted about each session on Twitter, their community newsletter, and their website. Hundreds of thousands got a chance to learn about the partnership.