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Celebrating back-to-school campaigns with retail partners

November 1, 2022


2 minute read

Back-to-school is always a great theme for retail partners to activate. As busy parents look for ways to keep their kids healthy, it allows them to easily showcase dairy as a great energy source, specifically calling out its impressive source of protein. During this time, Midwest Dairy is used as a resource to help drive sales and demand for dairy.

This back-to-school season, Dierbergs Markets launched a new shopper marketing program targeting parents of Gen Z with “Easy as A, B, C at Dierbergs.” Midwest Dairy participated in this program by providing marketing tools and assets for several tactics, including social posts and ads, printed circular ad support, and email blasts. The Undeniably Dairy landing page was also updated to include messages and content from the Midwest Dairy-created campaign “Fuel Your Fun” marketing toolkit to enhance the dairy message. You can check out the landing page here.

This robust campaign included recipes featuring dairy, dairy health and wellness messaging, along with dairy promotions supported by the Dierbergs category manager. Email blasts were sent to all customers signed up to receive communication through the Dierbergs rewards program.

Dierbergs Markets is a retailer based out of St. Louis, Missouri, and operates 26 stores in Missouri and Illinois.

Dierbergs ad
Dierbergs Markets email blast to rewards members.

Another retail partner that promoted back-to-school messaging was Hen House Markets. They celebrated going back to school by encouraging parents to purchase dairy products to keep their kids energized and focused.

Hen House put its own spin on the “Fuel Your Fun” assets, renaming the campaign “Back to School with Dairy.”  Various media efforts were used for this campaign, including engaging content on the Hen House website, an e-blast sent out to the Hen House audience, multiple posts organic Facebook posts, targeted Facebook ads, and targeted media buy ads.

In addition to those tactics, Midwest Dairy sponsored a recipe hosted by the BariGirls, which was shared via email and social channels. This recipe was a Cheese and Turkey Sausage Quiche featuring shredded cheese and milk, which Hen House supported with a shredded cheese promotion in stores. You can view the recipe here.