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Coborn’s celebrates Midwest roots

June 26, 2024


1 minute read

In April, Midwest Dairy partnered with Coborn’s to feature a “Midwest Roots” campaign. This campaign celebrated local Midwest farmers and their responsibly produced dairy, meat, and produce items, along with sustainability messaging. Coborn’s key focus was to connect consumers with local farm families. Coborn’s is based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and has 66 locations in the Midwest. 

Coborn’s highlighted on local farm families through an eCommerce landing page, carousel, and pencil banners, email posts, weekly ads, social media, and public announcements at local gas station’s TVs.  

The Kerfeld Hill-View family dairy farm from Melrose, MN, was featured as one of the local farm families. In addition, Jess Talbot, Coborn’s dietitian, shared healthy dairy recipes and local farm family stories on a Twin Cities Live

This one-month campaign reached over 425,000 consumers.