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College students bring dairy to life through dairy ambassador program

June 17, 2019


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This year, 31 college students have been selected to serve as dairy ambassadors as part of a program that now extends across eight states including: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota.

This group students will serve as dairy advocates and share their dairy stories with consumers at dozens of events throughout the year, including National Dairy Month events and state fairs.

Empowering Students

Students are not only empowered to become dairy champions, but also to deepen their knowledge of the dairy community.

“This program completely opened my eyes at how much passion I have for the dairy community and for sharing dairy farmer stories,” – Dawn Klabenes from Nebraska

Kennedy Haney, a 2018 Minnesota ambassador adds, “Because I come from a different background, I bring health and nutrition into the conversations I’m having. I get to advocate for two things I love: dairy farmers and nutrition.”

Students involved in the program have a variety of backgrounds, including majors in animal science, agricultural business, dietetics and human nutrition. Each ambassador brings a unique perspective on how to connect with consumers and bring dairy to life.


After attending numerous dairy events throughout the year, each ambassador receives a scholarship to help further their college education so they can continue to advocate for dairy.