The Dairy Opportunity

Dairy is a destination for consumers. Milk subcategories are increasingly profitable. Together, flavored milk, lactose free milk and whole milk grew more than $1 billion over the last four years.

Milk in an Undeniably Dairy glass sits on a table with a bottle of milk, a small cow figurine, and some decorative greenery.

Making Dairy Real

Midwest Dairy can help our partners make important dairy categories real to consumers. With research, shopper segmentation, consumer insights, trend data and more, we can help partners: 

  • Increase shopping trips 
  • Adjust to the changing consumer 
  • Be ahead of retail trends 
  • Help improve out of stocks 
  • Improve dairy profitability 
  • Test/research innovative concepts

Revitalizing the Dairy Case

The opportunity in the dairy aisle is huge. It drives 20 percent of store profit and is responsible for 10 percent of store sales with only three percent of shelf space. Midwest Dairy helps our partners develop programs and store shelves to attract and retain shoppers while optimizing the sales floor. Focusing on four pillars of action, our program drives traffic, basket rings and higher profit potential. The pillars are:


Improving overall consumer experience by making the dairy case easier and more enjoyable to shop. Retailers benefit from increased profitability through assortment optimization and reducing out of stocks.


Creating compelling messaging through in-store and out-of-store communication creates loyalty and drives traffic.


Improving packaging innovation to meet consumer desires and expectations while incorporating new technologies and trends.


Developing innovative products to meet the needs and lifestyles of today’s consumer.

Retailer Resources

From research to resources that include information about trends and tools to reach consumers, the Resource Center offers tools for Midwest Dairy’s partners. Check out what’s available.

Resource Center