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Consumer demand for protein fuels dairy sales

May 29, 2024


1 minute read

Consuming protein-rich food is a top consumer health and nutrition trend. According to recent Innova Market Insights, 40 percent of consumers worldwide say protein is their most important ingredient, and “high protein” is their most desired component when selecting foods and beverages.

Although protein fortification is not a new trend, U.S. consumers demand high-protein products more than ever. Not surprisingly, dairy-based foods are center stage. In fact, cheese and milk rank second and third as consumers’ most preferred protein sources, not far behind meat. Based on this research, Midwest Dairy checkoff can guide our partners in promoting dairy as a high-quality source of protein as a way to connect positively with consumers. Research and insights like these are important for Midwest Dairy to stay tuned into, as consumers’ demand for protein will likely continue to fuel dairy sales for years to come.