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Dakota makes her debut at North Dakota’s Gateway to Science in Bismarck

March 21, 2023


2 minute read

North Dakota’s Gateway to Science celebrated its grand opening in Bismarck, where the new center is focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), with over 50 hands-on exhibits for kids and adults of all ages. 

Midwest Dairy collaborated with Gateway to Science to include a dairy display that focuses on the use of technology on the dairy farm. Dakota, the exhibit dairy cow, wears a collar to show visitors one of the devices used on dairy farms. Visitors can select a cow on the computer monitor, read her values (movement, rumination, etc.) and determine if the cow is happy and healthy or if the dairy farmer should check on her. The interactive exhibit features Qual Dairy, located in Lisbon, which also helped review the information featured. Family members from Qual Dairy attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and met with visitors to share their dairy story (photos attached).  

“We appreciate the efforts of North Dakota’s Gateway to Science to bring dairy to life for consumers. Sharing the real story of North Dakota dairy farms is important – we love that the dairy exhibit gives kids and visitors of all ages fun, hands-on learning opportunities about how we use technology to monitor our dairy cows to keep them happy and healthy. The interactive exhibit also shows the real-life application of STEM skills, a key component of today’s science education. We are honored to see our farm featured and encourage everyone to visit!”- Qual Dairy.