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DePaul University hosts DeBlock Party

September 14, 2023


2 minute read

To kick off a new partnership between Midwest Dairy and DePaul University Sports Marketing, DePaul hosted a block party to engage with students, their families, and the surrounding community. The estimated 1,500 attendees engaged in many activities that encouraged them to get active and enjoy all things dairy.

Activities included playing soccer and Little Tikes basketball with DePaul University’s star basketball, volleyball, and soccer players, dunking coaches in the dunk tank, watching DePaul University Men’s and Women’s soccer matches and learning about dairy’s role in sustainable nutrition. Attendees also enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches from a Chicago favorite, Cheese’s Pub, complimentary ice cream, and walked away with fun dairy giveaways.

In addition to the successful in-person event, DePaul promoted the “DeBlock Party,” naming Undeniably Dairy as the sponsor through various social media channels, neighborhood signage, and e-mails. Through social media, over 18,000 people were reached, over 1,000 flyers and yard signs were placed, and over 28,000 individuals opened the e-mail marketing. 

This is the first of several exciting events included in the new partnership, and Midwest Dairy is excited to see how the future activities will continue to engage with Gen Z in fun, memorable, and impactful ways. 

Two children holding milk related props for photo