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Engaging healthcare professionals across Oklahoma and Arkansas

January 16, 2024


2 minute read

Midwest Dairy collaborates with healthcare partners throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas to underscore the vital role of dairy in nutrition. Checkoff’s primary focus is on pediatric nutrition, and we have curated a range of contemporary resources, including videos and handouts, shared with healthcare professionals. We enhance consumer trust by targeting healthcare professionals to use these educational resources in patient and family education.

These valuable materials mentioned above have been recently disseminated to key entities. This includes in Oklahoma the Tulsa WIC office, St. Francis Healthcare System, and the Oklahoma State Office of Rural Health, as well as Arkansas healthcare organizations such as Baptist Health, ARCare, Arkansas WIC, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital. A noteworthy milestone in the Oklahoma region occurred when the Oklahoma State Office of Rural Health actively promoted Midwest Dairy’s “Smart Moo-ve Healthy All Day Long” toolkit, tailored for primary and pediatric care professionals across healthcare facilities throughout the state. This achievement further solidifies our commitment to promoting dairy’s positive impact on health and nutrition.

By focusing on healthcare professionals, checkoff’s goal is to build consumer confidence by integrating these educational resources into patient and family education efforts.