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Farm-to-table events change how food influencers think about dairy farming and foods

June 17, 2019


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“I’ll never look at a gallon of milk the same way again,” wrote Kansas culinarian Lauren Lane in an Instagram post she shared following her attendance at Midwest Dairy’s Bringing Dairy to Life dinner event in Kansas City.

What changed Lane’s perspective?

Because of the emotional, personal connections she made with local dairy farmers who also attended, along with 40 influential food professionals. During the event, participants engaged in conversations with dairy farmers from Missouri and Kansas.

Through the stories they told, the guests saw our farmers commitment, passion and love they have for their animals as well as the work that goes in to delivering delicious, quality dairy products to the table. Their view of milk now embodies these values. It’s no longer just about milk. It’s also about the people who produce it and the care with which they do so

In addition to having meaningful conversations with dairy farmers, event participants also heard from them about fear-based marketing and how it can have a negative impact on food purchasing decisions related to dairy. Guests who made the self-discovery that they had fallen victim to such claims stated a desire to help set the record straight about dairy foods being nutritious and responsibly produced. This speaks to the power of connecting with influencers: These guests are now allies who can share dairy’s story, creating a ripple effect that will keep extending.

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You can hear more about the new connections and lasting impressions made during this event in a podcast episode of Your Dairy Checkoff featuring Lane and dairy farm mom Adriane Heins.