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Building Trust and Demand

Reaching Consumers with Dairy’s Story

Midwest Dairy helps fuel dairy demand and build consumer trust by bringing dairy to life. See how investment in dairy promotion works at the local and national levels and discover resources to support dairy in local communities.

2021 Midwest Dairy Scorecard

Midwest Dairy produces a scorecard measuring growth across several goals, including increasing dairy sales, growing trust in dairy, and more. Click to view the December 2021 Midwest Dairy Scorecard to see how our activations performed for our dairy farmers.

Download the Scorecard
2021 Midwest Dairy scorecard numbers

2021 Sales Results

With a focus on driving dairy demand and sales, Midwest Dairy expanded collaborations with retail and foodservice partners and is working hard to stay ahead of what consumers of all ages are looking for in their dairy choices. Schools also provide an opportunity to grow sales.

Download the 2021 Annual Report to Learn More
Midwest Dairy 2021 Scorecard graph

2021 Trust Results

Midwest Dairy helps build consumer trust by bringing dairy to life with dairy promotions at the local and national levels. We continue to work with partners to share dairy’s story and build trust with consumers through new opportunities and ongoing relationships.

Download the 2021 Annual Report to Learn More

Checkoff at Work

Discover how Midwest Dairy invests checkoff dollars to build trust and demand in dairy by reading our Checkoff at Work articles.

Farmer Stories

Interested in learning about what dairy farmers in our 10-state region are doing? Check out our Farmer Stories!