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GENYOUth priorities align with dairy farmers

April 12, 2022


2 minute read

Ann Marie Krautheim, a registered dietitian with the dairy checkoff for over 30 years and most recently GENYOUth’s President and Chief Wellness Officer has now been named GENYOUth’s new CEO.

Midwest Dairy is pleased to hear Krautheim acknowledge that dairy and the work of America’s dairy farmers will continue to be front and center as part of a healthy school community as she leads the organization to focus on three priorities: growing participation in school meals, improving the cafeteria experience, and shaping how teachers teach and how students learn about food from farm to table.

Since the pandemic began, GENYOUth has raised over $13M and provided grants to over 10,000 schools to help them purchase the equipment needed to deliver school meals. This effort supported serving 321 million pounds of milk in the 2021 school year.

Long-standing partner PepsiCo stepped up to be the presenting sponsors of the 2022 Taste of the NFL. Their funding supported the execution of a live event, along with cafeteria transformations and the introduction of smoothie programs in five high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (the second-largest school district in the country). Additionally, their funding and additional Taste proceeds will be distributed to schools in all 32 NFL Club markets to fund coolers, grab-n-go carts, and other equipment that will increase access to and participation in school meals. Midwest Dairy has three NFL clubs within our footprint, including Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, and Minnesota Vikings.

GENYOUth will continue to support the vision of checkoff to ensure dairy’s place in feeding the world and maintaining dairy farmers’ long-standing commitment to childhood wellness.