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Health and wellness webinar increases positive perception of dairy

June 26, 2024


2 minute read

In late May 2024, Midwest Dairy hosted the second of four webinars targeting health and wellness thought leaders: “Cultured Conversations: Benefits from People to Pastures.” The webinar featured Dr. Robert Hutkins, Professor Emeritus of Food Microbiology at the University of Nebraska, and Sean Cornelius, a third-generation Missouri-based dairy farmer and dairy nutritionist.  

In 2023, Midwest Dairy conducted a thought leader perception survey that revealed health and wellness thought leaders in our 10-state region view dairy’s nutritional contribution positively. However nearly half of the respondents rated dairy’s environmental responsibility as average or poor. This webinar aimed to attract the “moveable middle,” who likely rated dairy as average or poor because they are unaware that dairy farmers are excellent stewards of the environment. These thought leaders also indicated that webinars are their preferred method for continuing education.  

Health and wellness professionals regularly field questions about diet, and many of their clients make food choices based on what they believe is more environmentally sustainable. By building knowledge and trust among these thought leaders, we can ultimately build trust with the consumers they reach in their daily interactions. 

During this webinar, Hutkins promoted the health benefits of dairy by describing the science behind fermented dairy. Cornelius introduced the audience to his farm, highlighting various sustainability practices he implements. Cornelius emphasized how nutrition is critical for cow comfort and care. 

Like the first webinar hosted in 2024, Beyond the Garden: Empowering Patients to Embrace Plant-Forward Eating, we improved overall perceptions of dairy’s nutrition and environmental responsibility.  

To view May’s webinar, click here