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Innovate with Dairy Grants

Innovate with Dairy Funding

Innovate with Dairy funding is generously provided by dairy farm families in Minnesota to provide equipment for three new service model options for Minnesota-based schools. The goal is to increase dairy-based meal components that appeal to students and/or provide improved taste and flavor while reducing waste. Helping the next generation enjoy dairy is a priority for all dairy farmers.

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  • Offers an opportunity to gain student meal and/or à la carte participation by offering on-the-go menu items that many restaurants offer.
  • It’s an alternative way for students to get a dairy serving that they might not normally pair with their school meals.
  • Provides calcium, protein, and other vitamins and minerals to deliver nutrition kids need to learn, grow, and thrive.

Who Can Apply?

  • Schools must be located in Minnesota.
  • Your school must participate in the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast Program.
  • Grants may be initially limited to 2 schools per district, pending funding availability.
  • Schools will be evaluated to receive grant funding based on a variety of factors, including the strength of the program, enrollment, Free and Reduced rate, and the potential for dairy sales impact with equipment investment.

Grant Parameters

  • Our expectation is that the new service model and equipment will be implemented no later than October 1, 2022.
  • When a grant is approved, the grantee will also be expected to accept all the terms and conditions set forth in the Midwest Dairy Letter of Agreement, which includes providing data in October and April of the year of implementation and the year following.
  • Midwest Dairy will purchase all equipment packages upon approval.

Grant Options

Bulk Milk Dispensers

As schools increase their focus on sustainability and zero waste, bulk milk dispensers are an innovative way to deliver cold milk and decrease waste. Midwest Dairy is offering grants for Minnesota schools to purchase either one triple valve dispenser (serving 200-400 students) or two (serving 400-800 students). Schools must have a dishwasher in order to qualify for this grant.

Yogurt Smoothies

Searching for a way to increase students’ participation in school breakfast and lunch programs? Delicious yogurt smoothies are just the ticket! These easy and nutritious options encourage student meal participation while including a dairy serving. To be considered for this grant, schools must incorporate yogurt as part of their smoothie program.

Latte Coffee Program

To get a jumpstart on their day, high school students may oftentimes bring in latte coffee from home or outside vendors. Capture student and staff coffee beverage demand in school by implementing a latte coffee beverage station. While this program is intended to be customizable, latte coffee beverages must include a full 8 ounces of dairy to be eligible for this grant.

Grant Resources


If you have any questions, please reach out to Lisa McCann, RD, – Wellness Manager via email at or by phone at 651-487-4749.