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Iowa Esports Association partnership brings positive dairy experience to players

December 19, 2023


2 minute read

Midwest Dairy Partnered with the Iowa High School Esports Association (IAHSEA) during their 2023 Fall State Showdown to build trust in dairy with Generation Z players. Over 800 gamers gathered to compete during the three-day tournament, and over 12,000 viewers tuned in to watch via livestreams.

This partnership allowed Midwest Dairy to support IAHSEA and elevate players’ experience in an impactful way. This was done by leaning into dairy messaging, ‘Reset Yourself with Dairy’ commercials played during live streams and a video to promote Zany Ziplines, a new Fortnite game concept supported by MilkPEP.

IAHSEA also had a goal to bring more health initiatives and messaging to players. Hence, during the tournament, they provided a healthy snack station, which included milk, yogurt, cheese, and various fruits. This was a welcomed addition by the players and coaches, who enjoyed having healthy snack options available to grab between games. After a win, all champion teams were also photographed doing a milk cheers.

The IAHSEA committee appreciated Midwest Dairy’s support during their Fall tournament, and Checkoff looks forward to continuing this partnership. In three short years, they have grown from 5 to over 90 schools participating in state competitions. For many players, this is their first time participating in extracurricular activities, and they enjoyed the engagement and experience.