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Kroger partnership utilizing e-commerce

March 8, 2023


1 minute read

In the fall of 2022, Midwest Dairy partnered with Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) to drive incremental dairy sales through targeted off-site ads. Through August and October, off-site ads ran on different websites. These websites were chosen to meet consumers where they are, specifically, where they surf the web. The websites targeted included those housing news articles, hobby websites, and everything in between.

The Kroger stores that Midwest Dairy targeted through this campaign in our 10-state region included Dillons based in Kansas, Bakers based in Nebraska, Gerbes based in Missouri, and Kroger Delta based in Arkansas. This allowed Midwest Dairy to reach shoppers in more rural areas that were not targeted in the past. KPM ran the campaign focusing on 150 top-performing milk, cheese, and yogurts. The target audience included lapsed shoppers or those who used to purchase dairy but have not done so recently, those that were already category shoppers, dairy-free shoppers, and current shoppers.

As a Result…

As a result of the campaign, we reached 314,900 households, of which 323 were new to purchasing dairy. In addition, the campaign resulted in over 2.6 million impressions, and the return on ad spend was 10.91x, meaning that for every dollar Midwest Dairy spent, there were almost $11 dollars in sales as a direct result.

Midwest Dairy plans to continue the partnership with KPM into 2023, with a planned on-site ad campaign coming this summer. On-site ads will run on the Kroger store websites, reaching consumers who are already shopping.