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Kroger Precision Marketing holiday ads

March 27, 2024


2 minute read

This past holiday season, Midwest Dairy partnered with Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) to drive incremental dairy sales and awareness of dairy through targeted offsite display ads. The promotion ran from December 4th, 2023, through January 8th, 2024. This campaign featured off-site ads on websites targeting users by zip code during their internet browsing.

Midwest Dairy targeted Kroger stores in the Midwest Dairy region, including Dillons in Kansas, Bakers in Nebraska, Gerbes in Missouri, and Kroger Delta in Arkansas. KPM’s campaign focused on top-performing milk, butter, sour cream, cheese, and cream. The target audience included lapsed shoppers or those who used to purchase dairy but had not done so recently, including those who were already category shoppers, dairy-free shoppers, and current dairy shoppers.

As a result of the campaign, Midwest Dairy reached 329,047 households; of those, 353 were new to purchasing dairy. The campaign had over 5.5 million impressions, and the two-week return on ad spend was 79.05x, meaning for every dollar Midwest Dairy spent, there was over $79 in sales as a direct result of the campaign. According to our data, this campaign produced just under 2 million incremental pounds of milk. 

Midwest Dairy plans to continue the partnership with KPM into 2024 with two planned off-site video display ads running in April and June. 

Kroger dairy ad