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Midwest Dairy Partners with Hen House Markets

November 28, 2023


1 minute read

This past summer, Midwest Dairy worked with Hen House Markets and their nine locations out of Kansas City to promote dairy. Two campaigns ran during the summer months, the first focusing primarily on ice cream and the second on Chef Jasper’s cheesy lasagna as a yummy back-to-school recipe. 

Beginning in June and running through August, Midwest Dairy supported Hen House’s marketing efforts to drive sales of ice cream. Hen House worked with its vendor community to run a buy four get one free campaign. Shoppers could scan their loyalty cards at the register to be eligible for the promotion, and as a result, Hen House sold 5,455 incremental pounds of milk through this campaign alone.

At the beginning of September, Hen House promoted the back-to-school season with Chef Jasper’s easy cheesy lasagna recipe. This recipe focused on simplifying lasagna to the stove top while including three yummy cheeses. We did not see an increase in sales during this campaign period. 

Both of these campaigns were promoted via the following tactics: email, Facebook, Instagram, website slider on, and digital media ads. The lasagna recipe was also promoted on Youtube.