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Midwest Dairy promotes dairy at Mankato State University and South Dakota State University

February 24, 2022


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Midwest Dairy has found great success in reaching Gen Z and adult consumers through partnerships on college campuses. Whether we are promoting dairy’s unique wellness benefits or Midwest farmer’s sustainability mission, college campuses are crawling with those who are eager to learn more about the dairy industry and even sample any dairy products offered. Check out these two recent partnerships bringing dairy to Mankato State University and South Dakota State University.  

Minnesota met Gen Z college students at Mankato State University with the help of Sodexo Campus Dietitian, Holly Ellison, who has a true passion for dairy. Ellison planned two opportunities to promote milk on January 11th , better known as National Milk Day. Over the lunch hours in the Student Union, she served steamed chocolate milk (hot chocolate) and interacted with students using a milk trivia wheel and “What You Do Dairy Does Too” signage, allowing students to learn more about dairy sustainability. Over the dinner hour at the Dining Center, Ellison also passed out free pints of milk in addition to the milk trivia wheel and signage. Ellison passed out over 10 gallons of chocolate milk, 200 pints of white milk, and 20 gallons of flavored milk through the campus’s bulk milk dispensers as well as had conversations with over 200 students. 

Midwest Dairy also partnered with South Dakota State University (SDSU) Athletics to reach consumers in the new year. This partnership included the game ball delivery for men’s basketball, featuring a video with Jack the Jackrabbit mascot refueling with chocolate milk with the tagline, “trusted by athletes, supported by science.” The video plays before each men’s basketball game of the season, including the SDSU Dairy Drive game this past January. Over 1,800 people attended the game and milk mustaches were handed out by the South Dakota Dairy Ambassadors. SDSU Wellness Center Dietitian Mariah Weber participated in a radio interview that aired during the game and focused on the health benefits of dairy. This partnership also includes social media activation through the SDSU Athletics channel reaching over 33,000 followers.