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Midwest Dairy staff speaks to recent school milk supply challenges

March 29, 2022


1 minute read

Recent school milk supply challenges have been a hot topic across the United States, but checkoff and Midwest Dairy’s efforts to ease issues aren’t going unnoticed. Progressive Dairy spoke to these challenges and quoted Midwest Dairy’s Julie Mattson Ostrow, registered dietitian and Vice President of Dairy Experience, who has been at the forefront of supply chain issues across our 10-state region. “One of the biggest things farmers should know is: We work very hard as relationship builders and the convener that brings people together,” Mattson Ostrow said. “And while it may seem obvious these different entities are connected and talking, that isn’t always the case. I’m proud to say Midwest Dairy makes sure we have relationships with our departments of education and agriculture and other agencies where we can distribute information across the board.” Read the full story here.