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National Agriculture Day at UNL

March 27, 2024


2 minute read

Midwest Dairy engages with Generation Z to share dairy’s sustainable nutrition story, answer questions, and build trust in dairy. Consumer insights indicate that positive consumer sentiment towards equates to more dairy purchases. Midwest Dairy continues to partner with the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) on several events and opportunities to reach students on campus to boost dairy sentiment.

In late March, UNL recently hosted a National Agriculture Day meal at the City Campus. This event was open to all UNL students and staff to promote agriculture and give back to the Husker Food Pantry on campus. Valentino’s pizza was served, and commodity boards across Nebraska discussed how all the ingredients that went into the pizza were made. Midwest Dairy, along with the Nebraska Beef Council, Nebraska Corn, and the Nebraska Pork Board, engaged students in learning about agriculture in Nebraska. The Farm Bureau and CommonGround Nebraska also provided additional information on their services and outreach to the community to help represent the commodity boards.

A Dairy Ambassador led the Midwest Dairy session to provide peer-to-peer engagement. Attendees had great questions and seemed very interested in how a dairy farm is run, sustainability practices, and where their dairy products come from. This was a great event to engage students in taking a step back and appreciating all that goes into a delicious, cheesy slice of pizza.