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Nebraska Women Infants and Children’s clinics adopts dairy resources

September 1, 2022


2 minute read

The Nebraska Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program serves over 35,000 lower-income, at-risk pregnant mothers and children up to age five. This supplemental feeding program provides healthy food at no cost, breastfeeding support, and nutrition information. While dairy is a key component of the WIC food packages (available to all participants at no cost), WIC Registered Dietitians shared concerns that participants don’t always know how to use food items provided to them.

After hearing these challenges, Midwest Dairy created three new resources to educate mothers on the importance of iodine during pregnancy and how dairy supplies this essential nutrient; how dairy serves as an important first food for their child; and the best tips for transitioning their child from whole milk to 1% or skim milk. These resources, in addition to seven others, were uploaded to the Nebraska WIC site that all clinics across the state can access for use with patients.

By educating patients on how to use the dairy foods they receive in their packages, they can feel more confident about feeding themselves and their children a healthy and nutritious meal. In addition, by reaching children at this young age, we work to lay the foundation for them to enjoy dairy throughout their life. Midwest Dairy’s goal is to listen to our partners needs and help them come up with a solution that works to reach their audience most effectively.

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