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New nutrition resources meet partner’s needs

June 28, 2023


2 minute read

Midwest Dairy continually works with and through healthcare partners to share dairy’s important role in a healthy lifestyle and diet. By partnering with credible health, wellness, and nutrition experts who can reinforce dairy’s message positively, we ensure that dairy’s sustainable nutrition story reaches consumers.

Reaching consumers in new and timely ways is important. Midwest Dairy has been working hard to develop resources like videos and handouts translated into multiple languages to reach a larger audience. Kansas WIC is currently working on updating its nutrition education resource listing for local agencies and partnering with Midwest Dairy to help update and include new resources in the dairy section. In addition, based on feedback from the Kansas WIC nutrition education committee, Midwest Dairy recently translated the Making the Move handout into Portuguese to meet more client needs. One WIC dietitian shared that the handout would reinforce the education given to patients. Resources have also been requested and shared with Children’s Mercy Hospital and the University of Kansas Medical Center registered dietitians to use with families.

Midwest Dairy also partnered with Roseland Hospital on the South Side of Chicago’s Roseland Community to participate in their Youth Violence Awareness Day. The event targeted teens 13 – 18 years old, and about 200 people attended the event. Registered Dietitian Jillian Quiano and the Rush Interns, master’s students studying to be Registered Dietitians, were able to engage the audience in nutrition conversations, Dairy Trivia, and Milk tastings, and provided samples of frozen yogurt with watermelon and berries. The attendees were encouraged to take a recipe home or save a QR code to access it from their phones later. Midwest Dairy is exploring other ways to partner with Roseland Hospital and create resources for patients.