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Orono Schools implements new technology bulk milk machine

November 28, 2023


2 minute read

Bulk milk in schools continues to be popular as it brings a positive experience that keeps students drinking and enjoying milk to reap the nutritional benefits. Orono schools received a bulk milk machine in the fall 2022 under the Minnesota Innovate with Dairy grant program. It was a success, but after some time in use, the staff struggled with the weight of the five-gallon milk bags.

Checkoff heard these concerns and wanted to help, and after listening to a Dairy Management Inc. webinar last spring showcasing dairy programs in schools, the director, Jackie DeRoma, reported on a new technology milk machine called Udderly Cold that we thought could be the answer. This milk refrigeration and delivery system allows milk to reside in the walk-in cooler, chill through refrigerated lines, and dispense ice cold in 8 oz. portions on the serving line.

De Roma is a strong milk supporter and pursued this new innovative option. After a few small kitchen remodel updates, the system was installed at the Orono Intermediate School and implemented this fall. The system is more expensive than the traditional bulk milk dispenser, but DeRoma has been very impressed with its performance, and the kids like the new system as milk tastes great, is ice cold, and is easy to dispense. This is an excellent example of a catalytic effect and may encourage other districts to look at this new innovative option to bring milk to their students.