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Partnering to remind families to get 3 servings of dairy each day

August 1, 2022


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Children’s Mercy is a leader in children’s health in the Kansas City region and beyond. Their Healthy Lifestyle Initiative, led by the Weighing In Program, is designed to increase individuals practicing healthy lifestyles at a healthy weight. This is done in collaboration with partners across the community, health care, and government sectors using their consistent 12345 Fit-Tastic! message with a goal to increase the number of children and families who hear the message and receive education on targeted behaviors. The 3 in the message represents three servings of dairy.

This spring, Midwest Dairy collaborated on the spring and summer newsletters expanding on this message. The spring newsletter shared how dairy cows are ultimate upcyclers converting things people can’t eat into delicious and nutritious milk. The summer newsletter highlights milk’s powerhouse of nutrients, discusses how individuals with lactose intolerance can still include dairy in their diet, and includes information about the Fuel up to Play 60 app.

Newsletters were sent to nearly 900 individuals representing over 100 organizations such as doctors and clinics, community groups, and health departments across Kansas and Missouri.​

Children's Mercy Kansas Email Handout