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Partners learn more during consumer insights webinars

April 1, 2024


3 minute read

In an increasingly complex, fast-moving world, Midwest Dairy shares impactful market intelligence through webinars that help checkoff partners effectively target today’s consumers. By investing in best-in-class consumer insights, Midwest Dairy helps partners understand what is exciting for today’s consumers and uncover new opportunities to grow dairy sales. 

In 2023, Midwest Dairy conducted four insightful webinars on the following topics: 

Yogurt: Understanding Growth Opportunities

Twenty-seven partners attended this webinar to learn more about the health benefits of yogurt. According to USDA estimates released at the end of 2022, U.S. consumers consumed 14.3 million pounds of yogurt in 2021, an impressive five percent increase over 2020. In recent years, there has been a notable rise in demand for low-sugar, high-protein, and nutrient-dense foods. These are key factors driving the market. In addition, sales of lactose-free yogurt variants have increased due in part to rising lactose intolerance in the U.S. population. Growth has also been propelled by the increasing awareness about the health benefits of consuming yogurt. 

Health & Wellness Trends: Growth Opportunities for Dairy  

In attendance at this webinar were 18 partners who joined to learn what motivates consumers at the dairy case. In the health and wellness landscape, consumers are hard to pin down. What’s viewed as “healthy” to one may not be to another. This reinforces the idea that consumers will use contrasting strategies to reach the same goal. According to research, over 80 percent of consumers in the Midwest Dairy region believe dairy naturally fits into a healthy lifestyle. This means that dairy brands can align with and support consumers’ health goals. Partners learned how the dairy industry can leverage growth in the ever-evolving health and wellness space. 

Online Grocery Shopping: Growth Opportunities for Dairy 

In attendance at this webinar were 25 partners who joined to explore strategies for motivating online shoppers to add dairy to their carts. Research shows that, on average, dairy shoppers spend twice as much as other shoppers. However, 75 percent of consumers have concerns about the freshness of food purchased online. During this webinar, Midwest Dairy presented our recent proprietary research to partners, showing how retailers can motivate online shoppers in our region to add dairy to their carts. 

Cheese: Understanding Opportunities for Future Growth  

Twenty-four partners joined this webinar to discuss cheese sales, which experienced an impressive year in 2023. Mintel, a leader in consumer research, forecasts cheese sales will exceed $31 billion in 2023. Although inflation has been the main driver of dollar growth in the past two years, low category attrition has proven the category’s staying power in consumer carts. Mintel also predicts cheese sales will continue to be strong in 2024 and beyond.

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