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Pop-up milk and cereal bar wows Iowa State University students

October 26, 2023


1 minute read

Midwest Dairy partnered with Iowa State University (ISU) AfterDark to serve over 500 ISU students an excellent dairy experience. ISU AfterDark is a student-run organization that plans three late-night activities on campus each semester. This partnership follows the success of the 80/35 Music Festival pop-up Milk and Cereal Bar, which proved positive this past summer.

Thanks to a generous donation from local processors, checkoff was able to hand out over 500 Undeniably Dairy branded cups of nostalgic cereal and milk in under two hours. ISU students eagerly lined up across the Memorial Union to engage in the Milk and Cereal Bar. Many were also posting on social media about their experience while recruiting their peers to attend.

Working with our partner Rip Roar Media, we designed an Undeniably Dairy-themed display showcasing dairy’s role in sustainable nutrition. Their Generation Z staff also provided an Undeniably Dairy experience, mixing up a fun combination of milk and cereal from our “dairy bar.” Dairy Science Club volunteers engaged with the students by answering questions about responsible dairy production and refueling with dairy.