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Price Chopper celebrates back to school with dairy!

October 26, 2023


1 minute read

This past August, Midwest Dairy and Price Chopper Enterprises partnered together to drive sales and trust for dairy. The theme of the campaign was focused on back-to-school recipes. In partnership with Bethany Frazier, a registered dietician from Kansas City, we developed three recipes to spark customers’ interest and promote dairy sales. These recipes included a cake batter dip, fudgy cookies, and curry chicken salad.

All three recipes were shared through Price Chopper’s email distribution list, in the weekly ad with corresponding dairy products on promotion, on Facebook and Instagram, on Price Chopper’s website, and on Pinterest. One recipe was also featured in print and was distributed to 50,000 shoppers via Price Choppers Gatherings Magazine. The Kansas City Mom Collective also promoted the recipes via website leaderboard, email, and Instagram.

This campaign resulted in 190,000 incremental pounds of milk sold. 

Price Chopper Cottage Cheese Ad